Inserted in the context of Ribatejo region, in the southern part of the District of Santarem, the Fajarda is a village in the municipality of Coruche, whose cultural identity has always maintained a pact of complicity with the Sorraia River. 
The actual source of their stand, date of the end of the 19th century, hence, the first description of our village was “Forus of Fajarda”.  Characterized by big forest extension   (dominated the Cork oak), the fertile fields of edge-water mark arguably its presence.

The ¹“ceifas”, “mondas”, “debulhas”, “adiafas”, “pastoreio”, “toiro”, “o cavalo”, “o campino”, transporting to the songs, dances and singing, experiences a people strictly connected to the bustle of “VARZEA SORRAIANA”. 

The attire of Celebration, Abegão, Aguadeira, Maioral, Campino, Foreiro, Mondadeira, Ceifeira, Arrozeiro and Noivos are typically from the Ribatejo region, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century and seek to give a diverse picture of what was the everyday life of our people in their different environments in Charneca in Várzea, at work and on the feast. 

The Village, characterized by people warm, friendly and simple, is committed to preserve their cultural values. As in the rest of the municipality of Coruche, former Fajardenses, liked they joy so intrinsically Ribatejo, dance and singing fashions its folklore, building form groups that presented during the Celebrations in honour of our “Senhora do Castelo”, (Patron Saint of Vila de Coruche), to dump. 

This form of traditions was on the origin of the first group Folklore of Fajarda, which appeared in 1954, in collaboration with the “Coruche House People”. This grouping remained in operation until eleven years later. 

In 1979 some village people, lovers of their land, motivated by the desire to promote and enhance local traditions, research trunks, heard elderly, relied on searches more valid 1954 and formed a new Folklore groupe, which is the current “Rancho Folclorico da Fajarda”. 

Founded in cultural association in June 1979, with the aim of the promotion and enhancement of local traditions, Rancho Folklore of Fajarda-Coruche is a group that, alongside other initiatives, promotes the dissemination of folklore and Ethnography of the region mainly characterized by the Sorraia Valley landscape.
Is a member of the Federation OF PORTUGUESE FOLKLORE since 1996 and is registered in I.N.A.T.E.L. 

Their songs, dances and vests, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, until the 1940’s. Our vests alone constitute a collection of high-value Assets and at the same time help us understand the raison of our identity.

It is always with great pride that we present our folklore all over the many places that we have been (Portugal Islands, Spain, Canada, France, Bulgaria), full color and life, own SORRAIA Valley region of Ribatejo.
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